Corporate Social Responsibility

New Times Energy is committed to its Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, Health and Safety, Environmental Protection, Human Resources and Labor Practices, and Community Involvement and Sustainable Value Creation when conducting business activities in China and other countries when we operate.

Health and Safety

The Group will operate under the principle of ‘Health & Safety as the First Priority’. We will use the international best practices of safety management to ensure the health and safety of our employees, contractors, customers and communities in which we operate.

Based on government safety laws, regulations and standards, we will continue to improve our safety management. Our goal is to achieve an injury-free workplace by providing an environment free of any hazards that may be detrimental to health and safety.

We promise: all items of plant and equipment are operationally safe and all our working places are free of hazards. We also promise that all our employees including managers of all levels and general staff are properly trained in safe working practices. We will ensure that both managers and workers have a clear understanding of their responsibilities for taking positive actions to improve health and safety.

Health and Safety System Components:

We are committed to providing a working environment that is both safe and fit and ensures that health and safety issues are a priority for all business operations.

Health and safety is a first priority and an integral part of our business and decision-making
Employees, contractors, customers and communities are accountable for their safety
Safe operating practices are a shared responsibility among management, employees, contractors and visitors
Working safely is a condition of employment
Well trained in safe working practices within all level of employee
Continually review and improve safety management system processes and procedures to achieve injury-free workplace

Environmental Protection

The Group has set up an operational Environmental Management System (EMS) to direct the management of the environmental risks of the Group’s operations. The EMS documents include the establishment, resourcing and implementation of the Group’s environmental management programs. The site environmental performance is monitored and communicated to the Group and is then utilized to revise the effectiveness of the EMS system.

Environment Management System Components:
Environmental Policy
The Group is committed to managing environmental issues to the highest standards and has documented an Environmental Policy to demonstrate this and to make stakeholders aware of these commitments. The policy is communicated to all employees, contractors, the local communities and the local environment agencies through notice boards, and other communication channels.
Environmental Planning
An integral part of improved environmental management is to identify environmental risk and systematically plan environmental management activities to minimize those risks. This process includes the identification and review of environmental aspects or issues and the associated impacts of on-site activities.
Legal Compliance
The Environmental Department is responsible for monitoring changes in environmental legislation, advising relevant manager of the implications of these changes and recommending appropriate actions.
Responsibilities and Authorities
Clear definitions of responsibilities, authorities and accountabilities are required to facilitate effective environmental management. These are defined through a number of documents, including Procedures, Work Instructions, Action Plans, Position Descriptions and Organization Charts.
To facilitate effective environmental management, we will educate all employees of their responsibilities under the EMS. This will be accomplished through the effective design and implementation of appropriate training and education programs. Procedures detailing these processes are Environmental Communication and Reporting and Training Management.
Effective internal and external communication processes are an integral part of effective environmental management. Recognition of the community is an integral part of managing the group’s business. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the publics are aware of the mine site activities through community consultation process, public reporting of performance and formal public inquiry procedures: Environmental Communication and Reporting.
Control of Documentation
The Group has a system for the issue and maintenance of EMS documentation to ensure that current copies are available and controlled. All documents that require review and approval prior to issue, including the Environmental Policy, Procedures and Work instructions must be controlled in accordance with Procedure Document Control.
Operational Controls
Operational controls have been established and implemented to ensure that activities undertaken on site are carried out in accordance with Environmental Policy, other internal commitments and all regulatory requirements. Where possible environmental requirements have been incorporated into existing operational procedures and work instructions and these are supplemented where necessary with specific environmental manuals and procedures.
Monitoring and Measurement
The Group undertakes monitoring of the key characteristics of operations and activities that can have a significant impact on the environment, including operational controls, conformance with environmental objectives and Targets and periodic evaluation of compliance with environmental legislation and regulations.
Internal Audits
Periodic environmental audits are scheduled and undertaken to establish whether activities occurring on site conform to planned arrangements for environmental management and whether the management system has been properly implemented and maintained. The requirements for planning and undertaking environmental audits are documented in Procedure Internal Process Review.

Human Resources and Labour Practices

We strive to be an employer of choice in regions in which we operate. We will:
Follow lawful, safe and fair labor practices and respect national and local lawswherever we operate.
Treat people with our full respect.

Community Involvement and Sustainable Value Creation

We strive to be a good corporate citizen wherever we invest and operate in our projects. We recognize our responsibility to work in partnership with the local communities. We also appreciate the importance of sustainable value creation for the communities in which we operate and we will strive to develop relationships that allow for this development.