Location British Columbia & Alberta, Canada

Project Detail

New Time Energy Corporation Limited completed the acquisition of oil and gas assets in Canada on September 21, 2021 with the following key performance indicators (KPIs).

  • Average daily production: 13,800 boed (barrels of oil equivalent per day)
  • Total Proved and Probable Reserves: 44,098 mboe (thousand barrels of oil equivalent)
  • Average Operation Breakeven Cost
    (Operating Expenses & Transportation Cost):
    C$1.83/mcf (thousand cubic feet)
British Columbia, Canada Greater Sierra Area Horn River Basin Subtotal
Total Proved and Probable Reserves 29,237 mboe 9,349 mboe 38,586 mboe
Average Daily Production (boed) 9,483 boed 3,355 boed 12,838 boed
Alberta, Canada Wapiti Willesden Green Subtotal
Total Proved and Probable Reserves 3,607 mboe 1,905 mboe 5512 mboe
Average Daily Production (boed) 329 boed 661 boed 990 boed
Total Proved & Probable Reserves (mboe) 44,098 mboe
Total Average Daily Production (boed) 13,828 boed

“Please refer to the group’s announcement on 21 st September, 2021 for more details.”