Discovery Industrial Park Canada

    Project Detail

    Discovery Park
    Located at Campbell River on northeast coast of Vancouver Island, B.C.

    – 1,200 acres (4.9 km2) multi-use site at Campbell River on Vancouver Island that was a former pulp mill and has existing infrastructure in place:
    – A 200 MW substation with very cheap utility rates
    – A full-scale water treatment plant
    – An industrial scale landfill
    – Ocean front access with 2 deep water piers


    Existing site infrastructure features an electrical substation that is connected to two 138 kV transmission lines, providing over 200MW of 100% renewable hydro energy power supply from BC Hydro sourced from a dam approximately 6 km away from the site with a rate as low as C$0.06/kWh. Additional facilities include a solid industrial waste landfill to handle hazardous substance disposal needs, a complimentary waste water treatment facility, and 2 deep water piers for dock usage and direct ocean water access

    The Company has set up and is currently hosting energy-intensive data centers involved in the blockchain ecosystem and will look to expand its ability to offer hosting services for companies keen on green data services, particularly given Campbell River’s proximity to the tech hubs of Vancouver, B.C. and Seattle, WA

    The Company has entered into a partnership agreement with StrutSteel whereas the Company leases over 30,000 sq of warehouse space to StructSteel to manufacture and fabricate cold formed steel framing which is then used for residential, multifamily, and commercial projects all across Western Canada. Modular construction is ideal because it can be built faster and less costly than traditional on-site, and with minimal impact to neighbors and the environment.

    The Company is also in the process of setting up vertical farming operations at Discovery Park by partnering with well known and established ag-tech companies both in Canada and globally to provide efficient, localized food supply solutions. Using indoor farming technologies, Discovery Park will contribute to redefining the way traditional agriculture is being carried out for certain food groups, by eliminating wasteful long supply chain agriculture into local chains that benefit the Western Canadian people, resources, and economy.